Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions


The composition of each week’s share will vary depending on seasonal availability of fish species and weather conditions. All fish will be in fillet or ready-to-cook form, but we cannot guarantee that every fillet is 100% boneless.

Shares will be delivered in accordance with our published schedule of dates and locations.  On your first pickup a small reusable cooler will be provided to you—on subsequent pickups, it is your responsibility to bring a cooler. Seafood should be placed in your refrigerator at a temperature as near to 32 degrees as possible, and consumed within three days from pickup (for example, by Monday for a Saturday pick up). Big City Fish Share is not responsible for the safety of your seafood or its consumption once it is in your possession.

You are able to put your account on “hold” if you cannot pick up your seafood. You must do this by the Wednesday before the pick-up day at midnight. Once your account is on hold, your account will not be deducted from. However, if you do not put your account on hold we are unable to compensate you for missed shares. Unclaimed shares cannot be held after scheduled pickup times end, and will become property of Big City Fish Share. If for whatever reason you miss your scheduled pickup (and did not put your account on “hold”), we cannot make up that missed share—sorry!

If a delivery is canceled because of hazardous weather conditions or other extenuating circumstances, you will be notified by email. We can only compensate you with seafood if we are at fault for the missed delivery—you can elect to get twice your normal amount of seafood for a later delivery. Subscriptions cannot be canceled until they have run their course, and no refunds for subscriptions will be made once payment has been received.

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2016 Season Now Open!

Sign up by Tuesday June 7th for our early bird special: $16 per pound of fish fillets locked in for the whole season. After the 7th, prices will go up to $17 per pound

We are excited for our fourth season operating in New York City! The coastal waters are warming up, enticing fish back inshore where our small boat NEW YORK fishermen can catch them.

We look forward to another year of super fresh seafood (rated by the Monterey Bay Aquarium as sustainably caught) such as bluefish, black sea bass, flounder, fluke, squid, swordfish, monkfish, and yellowfin tuna.

Hope to see you soon!

Matt and Gaya

Owners, Big City Fish Share

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