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Atlantic pollock are larger and have slightly darker flesh and higher oil content than Alaska pollock, (a different pollock species). The meat is white and firm and has a sweet, delicate flavor. Atlanitc pollock is sold whole, as fillets, and as fresh, frozen, or smoked steaks.

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Pollock are found on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean but are more numerous and widespread in European than in American waters. They are fished in many places in their range.  Pollock reach sexual maturity between three and eight years of age and can live for at least 20 years and grow at moderate rates. Most commercially fished populations of Pollock are at medium levels of abundance. Pollock are caught by a variety of gears but most commonly by bottom trawls, which can severely damage the seafloor. Pollock are well managed throughout their range and there appears to be little bycatch associated with Pollock fisheries.

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Atlantic pollock is found throughout the North Atlantic. It grows quickly and matures at a young age, traits that make it resilient to fishing pressure. A bottom-dwelling fish similar to cod, Atlantic pollock is an important fishery in the U.S., and is also imported from Canada, Norway and Iceland. In the U.S. and Norway, Atlantic pollock is abundant and the fisheries are well-managed. In Canada, Atlantic pollock was historically overfished, but is now recovering. In Iceland, however, overfishing of Atlantic pollock continues.

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