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Wild striped bass has a more pronounced taste and a coarser texture than farmed striped bass, which has a more delicate, slightly sweet flavor. Striped bass have light-colored flesh with firm, large flakes.

Blue Ocean Institute = Green

Striped Bass are a moderately growing, long-lived fish found along the Atlantic Coast of the U.S. and Canada. Since the collapse of the Striped Bass fishery in the 1980s, numbers have gradually increased due to successful management, and today Striped Bass have a high abundance throughout much of their range. Striped Bass are an important recreational and commercial seafood species, and are mostly caught using hook and line, and gillnets. These fishing methods have minimal habitat impacts and result in moderate levels of bycatch.

 Monterey Bay = Best Choice

Over 70% of the striped bass population uses the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries for spawning and nursery grounds. During the 1970s and early 1980s, overfishing and habitat degradation (due to pollution) in the Chesapeake Bay decimated the striped bass population. Severe fishing restrictions in the early 1990s and community efforts to improve environmental conditions have allowed the population to rebound to record levels, however. Striped bass are caught in recreational fisheries with mainly hook-and-line gear and in commercial fisheries with net gear (pound nets, gillnets, haul seines, trawls). These gear types have little impact on fish habitat.

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2016 Season Now Open!

Sign up by Tuesday June 7th for our early bird special: $16 per pound of fish fillets locked in for the whole season. After the 7th, prices will go up to $17 per pound

We are excited for our fourth season operating in New York City! The coastal waters are warming up, enticing fish back inshore where our small boat NEW YORK fishermen can catch them.

We look forward to another year of super fresh seafood (rated by the Monterey Bay Aquarium as sustainably caught) such as bluefish, black sea bass, flounder, fluke, squid, swordfish, monkfish, and yellowfin tuna.

Hope to see you soon!

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