Summer Flounder/Fluke Recipes

Nutritional Information from NOAA FishWatch

Summer flounder is sold whole and in fillets, and is available fresh or frozen. Its skin is edible and its flaky white meat has a delicate flavor and fine texture.

Blue Ocean Institute = Yellow

Summer flounder inhabit estuarine and coastal waters off the northeast east coast of the US, from the Gulf of Maine to South Carolina. Summer flounder mature early, produce many eggs and spawn often over the spawning season, factors that help keep their abundance at moderate levels. In the commercial fishery, which accounts for about 50% of the total annual catch, bottom trawls are commonly used to catch Summer Flounder. A major rod-and-reel recreational fishery accounts for the rest. Bycatch is low in both fisheries. The Summer Flounder population is currently being rebuilt and is no longer considered to be overfished.

 Monterey Bay = Good Alternative

Summer flounder are found from North Carolina to Maine and are one of the most important components of the Atlantic flatfish fisheries. They’re fished mainly with trawls, a method that involves towing a net close to the seafloor. Trawls are problematic because they disturb and destroy the seafloor habitat. Although summer flounder was previously overfished, responsible management has reversed that trend. Increased populations and responsible management make summer flounder a “Good Alternative” to other Atlantic flatfish.

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2016 Season Now Open!

Sign up by Tuesday June 7th for our early bird special: $16 per pound of fish fillets locked in for the whole season. After the 7th, prices will go up to $17 per pound

We are excited for our fourth season operating in New York City! The coastal waters are warming up, enticing fish back inshore where our small boat NEW YORK fishermen can catch them.

We look forward to another year of super fresh seafood (rated by the Monterey Bay Aquarium as sustainably caught) such as bluefish, black sea bass, flounder, fluke, squid, swordfish, monkfish, and yellowfin tuna.

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